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Mission statement

Simple tools for personal finance management

BetterBank develops web services and applications

to help users of internet banking have a better understanding of their financial situation

thanks to automated and intelligent tools for personal finances management.

We provide those services and applications to banks, allowing them to improve the experience of their web-banking, reducing churn, increasing loyalty of existing clients and serving as a differentiator to acquire new clients.


Removing the pain

Keeping tracks of your expenses and budgets can be pretty painful. By automating most of the process, enriching data thanks to crowdsourcing and learning from past behaviour, BetterBank services offer valuable insights without requiring much work from the end-user.

Built around the users

From day 1, we've been building the BetterBank services together with our users.

By offering for free, we have been able to experiment, build and collect feedback in a tight iteration loop, creating a set of simple tools that really help our end-users regain control of their finances.


The BetterBank web-services for banks are designed to be easy to integrate in existing web-banking applications. To accelerate your time-to-market, we provide customizable widgets and ready-to-use client libraries for our extensively documented APIs.


BetterBank is an initiative of the Arηs Group. This was built to provide strong and outstanding solutions to the banking sector. Through this initiative, Arηs wants to extend its presence by providing real added value solutions and services.