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Mobile development is growing and becoming more important every day. The market for mobile apps is already big − and it’s just going to keep getting bigger.

By delivering successful mobile apps solutions of any complexity for any type of company, we help companies enter the digital age. We help them get the best mobile experience and create top-notch mobile initiatives that meet their unique requirements and support their business.

Mobile development entails many complexities, including a number of specifics that must be taken into consideration: the UX, connected devices, operating systems, screen resolution, security, connectivity, bandwidth, Data synchronization, and more.

Over the past few years, we’ve solidified our expertise by fully managing the process of building mobile applications from design to testing. And we use the latest development methodologies for mobile development. ‘Scrum’ has become our primary methodology for the majority of our mobile development projects. Our unique approach promotes innovation and gives us the agility to cope with constantly changing requirements and still deliver quickly and efficiently.

Fleetback: Delivering the next generation customer experience in the autonome industry

Innovation is impacting every part of the automotive industry − including car dealerships. No longer merely a physical place where customers come and go, today’s dealership is a collection of services that take place anywhere, anytime.

Arηs Spikeseed has responded to this new reality by launching FleetBack™ − a web and mobile application that helps car dealers optimise communication with their customers and deliver outstanding customer experience through the use of photo and video presentations.

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