A full range of bespoke development services

Customer first production-ready solutions

Arηs philosophy for producing high quality production-ready solutions is to focus primarily on the needs of our customers. The Arηs experts analyse these needs and formalise them in understandable and meaningful requirements and specifications. Our world-class software development teams develop the perfect system realising these requirements. Always keeping customer focus in all development phases guarantees that our solutions empower our customers to efficiently and effectively use the right technology to achieve better results.


Mature processes and certified quality

Customer’s trust in Arηs is based on Arηs’ long-term experience and formalised methods for quality (ISO 9001), project management and software development (CMMI Level 2 for Arηs Developments and Arηs Developments Belgium). We are in the unrivalled position to reliably plan and deliver bespoke software on time, within budget and with perfect quality.


Holistic solution provider

Arηs has a wide expertise portfolio in software development, ranging from native software applications, web applications and dissemination sites, semantic search layers, mobile apps and websites, web portals and content management systems, electronic forms, geographical information systems, to complex systems implementing enterprise architectures and multi- and cross-national trans-European systems.

We have the top experts in a lot of technical domains and apply the best and most efficient methodologies. The Arηs Software Development Methodology combines the principles of the Rational Unified Process with the agility of Scrum. This allows us to deliver high quality solutions on time realising the full scope and staying within the budget.

Business Process Management

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the organising logic for business processes and IT infrastructure. It standardises the operation model and business processes of an organisation.

The purpose of analysing an organisation by applying EA standards such as TOGAF, and by formalising its business processes through Business Process Modelling (BPM) is ultimately to build more effective organisation. Arηs achieves this by documenting an as-is cartography, analysing process improvement, performing risk and impact analysis, and finally developing and implementing a strategy to improve the organisation and processes.

The result of such an analysis is then transformed into IT systems that finally streamline the organisations processes and bring effective cost benefits. For the realisation of these IT systems, Arηs uses several modern technologies including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Business Rule Management System (BRMS).

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