Unified in purpose

Arηs Group has expanded its knowledge and competencies to cover the entire process and activities related to IT systems.

12 entities ready to serve you

We are composed of 12 entities that are unified by the Arηs Group. This corporate structure enables us to respond quickly to market changes and customer requests, and to communicate and make decisions without layers of bureaucracy. Our success can be attributed to the synergy among our eight complementary entities, combined with our methodologies, which are based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Scrum agile software development framework.

arηs Developments Luxembourg

Managing complex systems for large organisations

With Arηs Developments, the group provides high-quality services for large organisations in 2 different areas: Software Development and Business Intelligence...

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arηs Developments Belgium

Providing the best services to the belgian market

The main purpose of the company is to engage IT consultants, employees of the company, to execute Arηs Developments large framework contracts on the Belgian territory...

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arηs Consulting

We help public organisations and private companies to drive value from technology

Arηs Consulting supports companies to improve its organisation, align it to a changing regulation, or sharpen its competitiveness; it typically starts with their cartography...

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arηs Cube

A new unit of quality to improve your business

In 2010 the Arηs Group faced the challenge of creating a new initiative in Luxembourg with the aim of offering to the local market IT solutions...

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arηs Digital

Building on Talent, Delivering on Promise

Arηs Digital is now actively working with large organizations in the Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Financial Industries...

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arηs Spikeseed

Bringing IT to life

Like the other Arηs Group entities, Arηs Spikeseed aims to deliver complex IT projects. Moreover, Arηs Spikeseed has a specific interest and ability to implement...

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arηs Technology

Home for happy customers and first class consultants

Customer satisfaction, quality, hospitality and a no-nonsense culture are key values that will be at the heart of the company s decisions...

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arηs Developments Hellas

Arηs Developments Hellas is the second subsidiary of Arηs Developments, incorporated in Greece in 2016. The mission of Arηs Developments Hellas is simple: deliver high-quality Services...

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An ecosystem of digital solutions for the automotive industry

Fleetback is dedicated to developing digital solutions and custom-made projects for the automotive industry. Working closely with expert in...

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arηs Portugal

Arηs Portugal is Group’s 12th entity, established in 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to its presence, ARHS Group is active in...

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arηs Finartix

FINARTIX is a technology company that provides products, technologies and related services to...

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arηs Bulgaria


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