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In 2010 the Arηs Group faced the challenge of creating a new initiative in Luxembourg with the aim of offering to the local market IT solutions adapted to the local needs but based on the experience gathered working with large international institutions.

Arηs Cube delivers high quality IT services covering Enterprise Content Management Systems, Mobile Application development and IT Infrastructure. Our principle services are based on the three major ICT supports of a modern enterprise in Luxembourg.

Software development

Although ERPs are commonly used and a good practice, every client has his particular business needs. Custom-made applications are still needed and bring very often the differentiator factor to other competitors.

Business intelligence

Several times per year special reports are necessary to help the executive management of a company to take right decisions and define or refine the strategy. The sales representatives of an enterprise also need regular reporting and financial/operational reports. Other needs also arise from time to time. Arηs Cube helps to implement systems allowing the clients to generate their own reports when needed.

IT infrastructure

Every efficient business actor needs at least an IT network, a centralised Internet connection, Identity and Access Management, Security mechanisms, monitoring systems, access to email/calendar on their computer but also from a mobile device. Some of these services are offered in standard Cloud solutions. Arηs Cube helps the clients in understanding what parts of the Cloud are useful and in calculating a Return on Investment and select the most appropriate solution. Arηs Cube designs and implements IT infrastructures with or without Cloud that fits to the real business needs and constraints of the clients.

The global values of the Arηs Group – methodology, quality, team spirit and pragmatism – are the key words of every project and mission entrusted to Arηs Cube.

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