Managing complex systems for large organisations

With Arηs Developments, the group provides high-quality services for large organisations in 2 different areas: Software Development and Business Intelligence.

For Software Development, Arηs covers the entire application development lifecycle: starting with user requirements, business process redesign and specifications, to continue with development, testing and application maintenance.

With a strong expertise in Java and J2EE developments, Arηs develops high-quality software using state-of-the-art technologies. Arηs has also built successful references of large outsourced application maintenance contracts monitored by demanding Service Level Agreements.

Today, Arηs is a market leader in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions. Those solutions can transform an ocean of enterprise data into meaningful & reliable information to allow adequate operational, tactical and strategic decisions. Our experts can cover all aspects of Business Intelligence projects: from Data Warehouse architecture and Design, to ETL, Databases and Datamarts implementation. On top of those Data Warehouses, Arηs delivers enhanced reporting, analytical solutions and dashboards.

Arηs also supports its customers in high-value initiatives such as Data Governance and Meta Data Management.

International development

In 2013, Arηs Developments decided to extend its activities to the entire European market. This has been done in order to bring our expertise in developing IT solutions in different domains to all the European countries.

This expertise includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of IT systems in the following domains: Customs, Taxation/Excise, Employment, E-governments, Digital Trust …

On all these domains and in the different trans-European systems we can rely on a strong business expertise. We intend to share it and to provide the best possible IT systems in the different European countries and, later, worldwide.

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